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Favorites from 2017

 (Kyle Jones)

As with everything at year end, it is time for yet another top 10 list. In addition to your 10 favorite movies, albums, TV shows, sweaters, selfie apps, etc., here is the official list of my 10 favorite photographs I created in 2017. Trust nobody else, this is the definitive list! These may not necessarily be my best photographs, since best is always debatable and I want the list to include a sampling from throughout the year. Selecting images was especially challenging this year as I had a chance to visit some really special locations including Banff in the winter, Iceland, Yosemite, Grand Teton, Zion, Yellowstone and even beautiful Corvallis, Oregon for the total solar eclipse. I could have selected 10 shots that I really liked from a 12-hour period in Stokksnes and Jökulsárlón, Iceland and called that a good year. In the end I cheated and created a runner-up list you can check out here. Without further ado, and in the order taken, here are my favorites from 2017:Continue reading

2017 Favorites – Honorable Mentions

I sat down at my computer last week and went about my annual process of selecting my ten favorite photographs I made this year. I always enjoy this and usually find it interesting. There are always some photos that I loved when I took them, often because of fond memories of the experience, that seem less spectacular overt time. There are others that just stick with me. There are photos that others really like that I’m not as enamored with, and some that I think are really cool that didn’t get much of a reaction from my friends. So I mix all that together and create a short list of my favorite photos and then work to cull that list down to ten.

This year was especially challenging and getting down to ten favorites forced me to cast asides some pictures that I really like! Next week I’ll share my favorites, along with some background information on each of them and why it was included. In the meantime, here are the honorable mentions (in no particular order).Continue reading

Shooting the Stars

Yosemite National Park, California (Kyle Jones)

Tunnel View Stars – Yosemite National Park, California (Kyle Jones)

I truly enjoy making photographs at night. If I’m willing to give up some sleep and risk some cold, I have the opportunity to photograph some beautiful locations in relative solitude. It always amazes me how much detail modern cameras can pull out of a night sky. So with that in mind, here are some of my favorite night images from the last year.Continue reading

Snæfellsnes Iceland

Grundarfjorour, Iceland (Kyle Jones)

Kirkjufellsfoss Sunset – Grundarfjorour, Iceland (Kyle Jones)

I had the opportunity to spend a little over a week in Iceland back in May with two friends (Alejandro Velarde and Matt Olivar) to explore the country and hopefully take some nice pictures. One area that was on our agenda was the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the Northwest of the country, and its most famous landmark: Kirkjufell Mountain (pictured above). I typically try to share what I consider my best pictures from the locations I visit, but I felt this would be a nice opportunity to show a little bit more of Iceland, including some of the less iconic countryside.Continue reading


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